MBTI // Personality Types | Character Series

Waddup Savi Crew! Last week, I started my Character series where I briefly touched on the 16 different personality types. If you missed that blog post, feel free to check it out here. This week—as promised—will be more in-depth with regard to personality types, utilising the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (or MBTI). Before we start,Continue reading “MBTI // Personality Types | Character Series”

The Fearless Writer Tag

Waddup Savi Crew! As the blog post title suggests I’m gonna be doing a writer tag. I haven’t done one in a LONG time (if my memory serves me correctly, I believe the last one was The Elysian Prophecy Book Tag by Vivien Reis back in February 2018. This tag was created by Kim Chance,Continue reading “The Fearless Writer Tag”

Character | Writing Your Novel

Waddup Savi Crew! Character… It’s the reason we remember films we saw as children and why we binge-watch entire seasons on Netflix. A movie, television series or novel can have the greatest plot imaginable laid, out in an enviable setting but if the characters featured are dull, lacklustre and forgettable then it’s doomed to beContinue reading “Character | Writing Your Novel”

The Cover Design Process

Waddup Savi Crew! I am smack dab in the middle of finding a cover designer for my debut novel, Life of Gabby: Boyfriend Wanted (please note: this title is pending and can change because I’m having my manuscript reviewed by my critique partner and she commented on the title not really fitting what she wasContinue reading “The Cover Design Process”