August Goals aka Where the Heck Have I Been?

Aye-aye! Look who it is, mah peeps! So it’s been a minute and apologies for anyone who’s been seeking my blog posts and left terribly disappointed (quit snickering, it could happen!).

Resolutions and Goals for 2019

Waddup Savi Crew! As promised, I am stating my resolutions and goals for 2019. I will be splitting these resolutions into different goal sections: Reading Goals, Writing Goals, Personal Development Goals, Health Goals, Money Goals, Spiritual Goals and Mental Goals. At the end of 2019 I will revisit these goals and comment on whether I’veContinue reading “Resolutions and Goals for 2019”

When Life Throws You Lemons…

Waddup Savi Crew! So, it’s gonna be a different kind of blog post this week. Because one, tomorrow’s my birthday and I tend to get introspective and sentimental the older I get (a tad more emotional too but that’s another story for another blog). And two, because I don’t shy away from sharing my organic—albeitContinue reading “When Life Throws You Lemons…”