Why I Chose To Use My Real Name (Not a Typo!)

Waddup Savi Crew! Okay, so I’ve changed my mind… *insert face palm here* And before you come for me, internet, I know last week’s blog was all about why I chose to use a pen name for my novel career. Well, flash-forward exactly a week later and my mind’s been changed, a full one hundredContinue reading “Why I Chose To Use My Real Name (Not a Typo!)”

Why I Chose To Use a Pen Name

Waddup Savi Crew! With Camp NaNoWriMo over, I was soon wandering around the house like a haunted person looking for something to do (apart from job hunting, of course!) I was actually talking about being haunted with regard to my daily writing. However, it just occurred to me that many of my Savi crew membersContinue reading “Why I Chose To Use a Pen Name”

Did I Win? // Week 4 | April Camp Nano 2018

Waddup Savi Crew! Fourth and final week of Camp Nano. So, did I win? I’m gonna save you the suspense and just tell you now… Yes I did!!! I wrote 50,000 words (50,059 to be exact) in 27 days… Just let that sink in for a minute. I was BEHIND for the whole of CampContinue reading “Did I Win? // Week 4 | April Camp Nano 2018”

25 Facts About Me and My Favourite Things!

Waddup Savi Crew! I just realized that many of you out there may not know me that well. I’m black, I’m Trini, I’m a writer—that’s about it. So, here’s 25 random facts about me… 1. She loves being Roman Catholic. I was born Catholic, I was raised Catholic, I will die Catholic. 2. Her longestContinue reading “25 Facts About Me and My Favourite Things!”