NaNoWriMo Begins But I Haven’t | Nano 2018

Waddup Savi Crew! So first off, apologies for my lateness—devoted Savi Crew members know I typically post 6:00 am sharp every Friday morning—if I had you waiting patiently in vain for my post this morning, I do apologise. It’s been that kind of week. My week can be basically summed up in one GIF: ButContinue reading “NaNoWriMo Begins But I Haven’t | Nano 2018”

Characterisation // Week 4 | July Camp Nano 2018

Waddup Savi Crew! Fourth week of Camp Nano and at of the point of this blog post, I’ve completed my YA anime-inspired fantasy WIP (I’ve actually been done for a while now—at least, with the major edits). This was my week in a nutshell: But I needed to find a way to fill up theContinue reading “Characterisation // Week 4 | July Camp Nano 2018”

Colour Coding // Week 3 | April Camp Nano 2018

Waddup Savi Crew! As I predicted, this week was really busy (technically, it was fifty-fifty but we’re not gonna focus on that!) but I had to get creative with my writing due to all of life’s wonderful obstacles: babysitting a newborn, visiting relatives from overseas (trying to escape that Canadian ice storm), neighbourhood blackout (twiceContinue reading “Colour Coding // Week 3 | April Camp Nano 2018”