The Final Four // Personality Types | Character Series

Waddup Savi Crew!

Last week, I continued my Character series where I used four more of my own characters—from my Episode story Manhattan Prep—to demonstrate the strength and weaknesses of the 16 different personality types utilising the 16Personalities profiles. If you missed that blog post, feel free to check it out here.

Sadly, this week is the final week where I will be featuring the final four characters who display the final four personality types. As mentioned in the previous weeks, these will be minor characters. Today’s minor characters: Kate’s overprotective father, Mr. Bishop; Manhattan Prep soccer drill sergeant, Coach Campbell; teacher’s pet and school genius, Adam; and Manhattan Prep school principal, Headmaster Lee.

You know the drill, a quick disclaimer: The personality profiles listed below were sourced from the official Myers-Briggs Foundation website:

Mr. Kevin Bishop is Kate’s father who is a CPA for Spencer & Sons, a London-based firm and is extremely overprotective of his two children—sometimes to the point of being unreasonable. His late wife, Krystal—who died thirteen years ago—was a MENSA member; his daughter, Kate is a five-time Mathlete award winner and his son, Kyle is a budding scientist. He has a hard time letting Kate move to New York to attend Manhattan Prep. Mr. Bishop is an ISFJ.

ISFJ (Introverted + Sensing + Feeling + Judging) – “Defender” | Defenders need to know when to say no and stand up for themselves. | Strengths: Supportive; reliable and patient; imaginative and observant; enthusiastic; loyal and hard-working; good practical skills. | Weaknesses: Humble and shy; take things too personally; repress their feelings; overload themselves; reluctant to change; too altruistic

Coach Campbell is Manhattan Prep’s sports coach who is in charge of the school’s varsity football and soccer teams. He is an old-fashioned, male chauvinist who believes a woman’s place is in the kitchen—not the soccer field. He fails to put Leah in the soccer team despite her obvious talent. Later he seemingly reconsiders however it is later revealed that he is merely allowing the soccer players to victimize her. Coach Campbell is an ENFJ.

ENFJ (Extroverted + iNtuitive + Feeling + Judging) – “Protagonist” | Protagonists are natural-born leaders, full of passion and charisma. | Strengths: Tolerant; reliable; charismatic; altruistic; natural leaders. | Weaknesses: Overly idealistic; too selfless; too sensitive; fluctuating self-esteem; struggle to make tough decisions.

Adam is a budding scientist and comic book enthusiast. He attends Comic Con every year with his fellow Mathletes. He mostly spends time by himself unless someone requires a favour from him, be it Science or Math-related. Although socially awkward, and the occasional teacher’s pet brown-noser, he ultimately becomes friends with Dario and Logan thus greatly improving his social status by their popular association. Adam is an INTP.

INTP (Introverted + iNtuitive + Thinking + Perceiving) – “Logician” | Logicians are known for their brilliant theories and unrelenting logic. | Strengths: Great analysts and abstract thinkers; imaginative and original; open-minded; enthusiastic; objective; honest and straightforward. | Weaknesses: Very private and withdrawn; insensitive; absent-minded; condescending; loathe rules and guidelines; second-guess themselves.

Headmaster Masaru Lee is the school principal for Manhattan Prep. A man of few words, he runs a tight ship when it comes to his administration and demands the very best—damn near ultimate perfection and excellence—when it comes to his faculty and students. A former Lieutenant General for the Imperial Japanese Army, he enjoys doing taekwondo and archery in his, albeit little, spare time. Headmaster Lee is an ESFJ.

ESFJ (Extroverted + Sensing + Feeling + Judging) – “Consul” | Consuls are altruists, taking seriously their responsibility to do the right thing. | Strengths: Strong practical skills; strong sense of duty; very loyal; sensitive and warm; good at connecting with others. | Weaknesses: Worried about their social status; inflexible; reluctant to innovate or improvise; vulnerable to criticism; often too needy; too selfless.

Next week, we’ll be tackling another character trait—two actually, that go hand-in-hand: goals and motivations. Naturally I will be illustrating with my own characters from the Manhattan Prep series since I feel like you probably know them already (thus saving me from having to give backstory before sharing the said examples).

Anyways, I’m rambling again which means it’s time to sign off… Toodles for now. And remember, no matter where you live, take a little time to enjoy the island life! Happy Writing!

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