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Last week, I continued my Character series where I went through the 16 different personality types using the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (or MBTI). If you missed that blog post, feel free to check it out here. This week, we’ll be discussing strengths and weaknesses, utilising the 16Personalities profiles using my own characters as examples.

Since there are 16 personality types and I won’t just be stating the profiles but rather discussing actual character development and traits, I decided to split this section into four parts each featuring four different characters, i.e. 4 x 4 = 16.

I will be using my Episode story Manhattan Prep that I used when discussing Character Arcs during Preptober last October. If you missed that blog post, feel free to check it out here. There is important background information on the main character and the love interest that I won’t be repeating here so I’d recommend reading that blog before this one (if you haven’t already). I’ll be using the main character / protagonist, Kate; love interest / reason, Dario; contagonist, Brooke; and antagonist, Jada of the story.

A quick disclaimer: The personality profiles listed below were sourced from the official Myers-Briggs Foundation website: https://www.16personalities.com/personality-types

Kate is a London transfer who gets to attend Manhattan Prep through their elite scholarship programme. She comes from a family of geniuses: Her late mother, Krystal—who died when she was five—was a MENSA member; her father, Kevin is a CPA and her brother, Kyle is a budding scientist. Kate herself is a five-time Mathlete award winner. But she doesn’t only want to be known for her smarts, more specifically, she hopes to drop the childhood nickname associated with it, “Brainiac Bishop”. Kate is an INFJ (I know, the main character has the same personality type as me—go figure! Call it a happy accident.)

INFJ (Introverted + iNtuitive + Feeling + Judging) – “Advocate” | Advocates have an inborn sense of idealism and morality. | Strengths: Creative; insightful; inspiring and convincing; decisive; determined and passionate; altruistic. | Weaknesses: Sensitive; extremely private; perfectionistic; always need to have a cause; can burn out easily.

Dario is a popular jock who is lauded by the masses for his good looks, natural athletic ability and renowned family name—there is an entire Kingsley wing at Manhattan Prep. He comes from a family of old money: His mother, Veronica is an international supermodel while his father, Dalton and grandfather, Salvatore are estate royalty. An only child and the lone heir to the Kingsley dynasty, Dario would rather play football. He hopes to follow his athletic dreams and make his own life decisions. Dario is an ISFP (which you would never expect the popular jock to be an introvert but the profile fits him perfectly, believe me.)

ISFP (Introverted + Sensing + Feeling + Perceiving) – “Adventurer” | Adventurers enjoy upsetting traditional expectations. | Strengths: Charming; sensitive to others; imaginative; passionate; curious; artistic. | Weaknesses: Fiercely independent; unpredictable; easily stressed; overly competitive; fluctuating self-esteem.

Brooke is a wealthy and entitled diva who wants to snag all the cute boys, including Dario. She also comes from a family of old money: Her mother, Alison is a famous plastic surgeon—rumour has it, Brooke got a nose job for her sixteenth birthday—while her father, Alan is a tech mogul billionaire. She has a brother, Bryce, who she barely acknowledges and can be quite bossy, shallow and self-centred. She is always trotting around with her equally pampered white Pomeranian, Buffy. Brooke is an ESFP (which would explain her larger-than-life personality; for her, life is a performance and the world is her best audience.)

ESFP (Extroverted + Sensing + Feeling + Perceiving) – “Entertainer” | Entertainers love the spotlight, and all the world’s a stage. | Strengths: Bold; original; aesthetics and showmanship; practical; observant; excellent people skills. | Weaknesses: Sensitive; conflict-averse; easily bored; poor long-term planners; unfocused.

Jada is an overachiever: head cheerleader, class president and honour roll student who has been crushing on Dario since they were international elementary classmates. She comes from a family of new money: Her mother, Jade is a registered nurse—now retired, her father, Simon is an architect / landscape developer who just won the lottery and her twin sister, Simone also attends Manhattan Prep. She has always been successful in whatever she aims for. Getting Dario for herself is no different. Jada is an ENTP (which is a perfect match for our newly elected Debate team president—which is serendipitous, I swear!)

ENTP (Extroverted + iNtuitive + Thinking + Perceiving) – “Debater” | Debater personality type is the ultimate devil’s advocate. | Strengths: Knowledgeable; quick thinkers; original; excellent brain-stormers; charismatic; energetic. | Weaknesses: Very argumentative; insensitive; intolerant; can find it difficult to focus; dislike practical matters.

Be sure to tune in next week where I will be giving examples of four more personality types with four of my own characters and highlighting each types’ strengths and weaknesses once again using the 16Personalities profiles (basically Myers-Briggs 2.0).

Anyways, I’m rambling again which means it’s time to sign off… Toodles for now. And remember, no matter where you live, take a little time to enjoy the island life! Happy Writing!

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