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Waddup Savi Crew!

As the blog post title suggests I’m gonna be doing a writer tag. I haven’t done one in a LONG time (if my memory serves me correctly, I believe the last one was The Elysian Prophecy Book Tag by Vivien Reis back in February 2018.

This tag was created by Kim Chance, an amazing Authortuber and YA author — or rather originated since I’m not sure if these are her questions but it is the first place I got the idea for the tag and she did tag me (and everyone watching the video lolz) to do it, so here we go.

1. Lies. What is the biggest Fallacy you’re telling yourself with writing/being a writer?

I’m not good enough. Especially when I see how MANY aspiring writers and authors are out here in these streets. I’m a little wannabe from a twin-island dot in the Caribbean. Why would I make it over the gazillion other wannabe writers from all over the globe? Why would my story trump theirs? Imposter Syndrome runs deep…

2. Starting New. Does the first draft scare you or motivate you?

Definitely motivated. I get so excited to dive into a new project and write that first draft. You see, the first draft is basically a brainstorm dump. It’s where you’re telling yourself the story so you can get it out of your head space and onto the paper or computer screen. Honestly it’s the second draft that’s scary. It’s where you need to decipher all that word vomit you spewed — let’s face it — during NaNoWriMo.

3. Roadblock. What’s your number one obstacle stopping you from writing?

Right now, time. Between taking care of my 9 month-old nephew (extremely rewarding but time-consuming) and balancing a forty hour (actually, more like sixty hour) work week for my remote job, I barely have time to breathe let alone write.

4. Reflect. How can you overcome the obstacle?

By not complaining. Nephew won’t be a baby forever and my job offers flexi-time (once I make a full year) so incorporating writing sprints are definitely in my writing future.

5. Perfection. How can you challenge yourself to get passed the perfectionism-procrastination trap?

I’m a recovering perfectionist who is still learning that failure and mistakes are okay. Also, I don’t procrastinate as a general rule — blame my college days for that one — so my brain never pulls into procrastination station, more like distraction boulevard (I’m looking at you Pinterest and YouTube) but that’s another story. But first drafts are hard since it’s never perfect, the grammar and spelling are deplorable and, let’s be real, the story sucks. Therefore, first drafts are how I challenge my perfectionism. A good tip? Rewards are a great way to keep procrastination at bay — hey, that rhymes!

6. Failure sucks. How can you grow from a failure?

Can I be honest? Failure does suck! More than a Dyson on shag carpeting (sorry, I couldn’t resist). However, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve cut myself some slack regarding the failures in my life — not just the writing-related ones. In order to grow I need to step away from the situation and analyse it as though I’m not the person involved. I also do the same thing with beta readers’ feedback. Weird, I know, but it works!

7. Rejection sucks too. How can you grow/learn from rejection?

Like failure, this is a bit of a sore point for me as well. I’m not even sure I’m qualified enough to answer this question without perjuring myself (uh, who’s been watching way too much Law & Order SVU this week?). But rejection — as I’ve often heard — is God’s protection. And while I can’t really co-sign on that, if you dig deep, it makes sense. Think back to any rejection you faced. If you got through with it, instead of being rejected, would you be happy? I can state emphatically, no. Every rejection has a lesson embedded in it. We just need to find it and not be offended by it. And the struggle continues.

8. Create Action. How do you keep moving towards your goals?

By doing a little bit everyday. I have 5 books (3 paperbacks and 2 eBooks) lined up for my TBR 2019 (To Be Read for the non-writerly Savi Crew members out there, I got you!). Remember, I’m supposed to read 10 for the year (and I don’t read at all). Before you chew me out, I’m trying to improve on that by making it one of my goals. Check out my excuse, as well as my other goals, here. But by having a TBR list I’m one step closer to achieving the goal. The joy of crossing out the novel title or highlighting to show completion far outweighs the pain of seeing an incomplete list in December 2019.

9. New Year, New Outlook. If Fear wasn’t holding you back… what would you be doing right now to further your writing dreams?

I’d be a creative authorpreneur. I would be a full-time, bestselling, multi-genre author who is jet-setting around the world doing book tours across America and writing seminars in Greece and Hawaii; converting my YA anime-inspired novel series to an actual anime series and graphic novels; reading my Middle Grade series in school libraries across the globe. Man, fear is such a fun-sucker!

10. Leap of Faith: What is one thing you plan to do this year even though it scares you?

Improve my writing by utilising both free and affordable tools. I’ve already signed up for a free webinar this weekend hosted by multiple best-seller and YouTube phenom, Kristen Martin. I also bought the licence for Scrivener (with my 50% discount code, thank you very much), the writing software that every Authortuber is talking about… and yes, it’s everything you thought it was and more! So quit using the free trial and buy the licence already. Plot is my weakest area (I’ve got characters and settings on lock!) so I definitely want to invest in some great writing books that deal with plot and its structure. Stay tuned.

Anyways, I’m rambling again which means it’s time to sign off… Toodles for now. And remember, no matter where you live, take a little time to enjoy the island life! Happy Writing!

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