The End of NaNoWriMo | Nano 2018

WaddupSavi Crew!

Okay… so that happened. I won NaNoWriMo. To be exact, I won on the 28th which is a nice departure from my typical day 27 ritual—I won Nano last year on the 27th and this year’s Camp Nano in both April and July were the 27th as well. It was starting to be my lucky charm. Well, so much for that.

Like I always say, I’m not lucky, I’m blessed. Which is probably why I won on day 28. Because believe me, I tried to win on the 27th but powers greater than myself wouldn’t let me. Call it fate, call it God, call it the universe. Whatever it was, the block was real.

I’ve learned so many lessons from this year’s Nano. And counting down the last few hours, it’s bittersweet. If any of my Savi Crew members are racing towards the finish line, I wish you the best and please understand that “winning” Nano isn’t a life or death situation. If you have more words on November 30ththan you had on November 1st, celebrate—you’ve done good.

If not, who says it has to be over? How about writing in December? My friend in my head and  fellow Camp Nano buddy, Kate Cavanaugh isn’t finishing her WIP at the end of November. She’s dedicated to writing throughout December until her draft is complete. I think it’s a wonderful idea and I almost followed suit. Notice I said, almost.

Aside from December being my birthday month, this year will be my nephew’s first Christmas—can you believe he’s eight months? Jesus, where does the time go? He’s crawling now and is keeping his Aunty very busy with his antics. I told my sister I think he might be a climber. I’ll be sure to let you all know in later blog posts if I’m right.

Thus, I won’t be writing at all for December to make way for cleaning, decorating, baking, etc. My second draft needs to rest anyways so I’ll be ready to hit the third draft in January 2019. Fun fact: I started this blog in January 26th 2018. That means that next year January, I will be blogging for an entire year! I had one follower. Now, I have forty-two followers which may not seem like a lot but I appreciate each and every single one.

Sorry, got side-tracked there but you guys are used to that, right? What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, what I’ll be doing in December now that Nano is over. Since I won’t be writing next month, I’m not really sure what my blog posts will be about—your guess is as good as mine, lolz—but I will keep up my posting schedule now that Preptober and Nano have gotten me back in my groove again. Anyways, I’m rambling again which means it’s time to sign off… Toodles for now.

And remember, no matter where you live, take a little time to enjoy the island life! Happy Writing!

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