30 Day Outline // NaNoWriMo | Preptober 2018

Waddup Savi Crew!

Last week I wrote about character arcs and even gave two examples to see it in action. If you missed it, feel free to check it out here. This week I’ll be discussing the NaNoWriMo 30 Day Cheat Sheet Outline. It can be referenced on the Better Novel Project blog. With NaNoWriMo literally right around the corner, I figured you should at least have your outline going in—unless you’re a pantser rebel.

If that’s the case, good luck to you. I tried going the pantser route but that ain’t for me so I’ll be outlining from here on out. No judgement and no disrespect to those who can fly by the seat of their pants granted you permit me the same courtesy.

During this year’s July Camp Nano, I wrote about four plot structures that can be used for outlining a novel. And if you have some spare reading time, feel free to check those out here. But if you decide the Nano Cheat Sheet outline isn’t for you—perhaps a bit formulaic for the free spirit writer—it’s still a fun exercise to try. So here goes.

1. Open the story on a bittersweet celebration.
2. The hero goes on an everyday errand; show her special skill (Chekhov’s gun: READY).
3. The herald gives the hero an “invitation for adventure”.
4. The hero takes a short trip to make preparations and ask questions.
5. The hero says goodbye to family and boards mass transit to new society.
6. The hero attends a social acceptance ceremony; meets the wise one.
7. The hero meets the sidekick; they have conflict with the bully.
8. The hero takes a “pop quiz” and gets embarrassed.
9. The hero is forced to spend time with the love interest.
10. The hero shows some athletic ability (and may break some rules).
11. The hero and the love interest have a “Q&A” session.
12. The hero clashes with an authority figure.
13. A minor character rescues the hero.
14. The hero has a fight based on socioeconomic tension.
15. The healer character aids one of the hero’s injured friends.
16. The sidekick acts as a magical guide and teaches the hero.
17. The hero attempts to rescue a friend but fails.
18. The hero plays “hide-n-seek” with the villain’s henchmen.
19. Show order-vs-chaos tension among the “good guys”.
20. The hero and the love interest share their first kiss.
21. Demonstrate the hero’s special skill (Chekhov’s gun: AIM).
22. The hero is forced to incapacitate a friend.
23. A character flirts to receive much needed information.
24. A major characters rescues the hero.
25. The hero must pass the gatekeeper.
26. The hero uses his special skill in an unexpected way (Chekhov’s gun: FIRE).
27. The sidekick is badly hurt and the hero proceeds alone.
28. A climactic battle with the villain reveals the twist and explanation.
29. The hero is knocked out, wakes up in the hospital, and learns of success.
30. The hero heads back to his homeland but knows there is a continued threat.

*Credit to the following website:
Better Novel Project: http://www.betternovelproject.com/blog/

Next week will be NaNoWriMo! Please let me know in the comments if you will be participating and what you are working on—I’d love to know what stories my Savi Crew members are writing. Anyways, I’m rambling again which means it’s time to sign off… Toodles for now.

And remember, no matter where you live, take a little time to enjoy the island life!
Happy Writing!

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