Cabin Mixer II // Week 3 | July Camp Nano 2018

Waddup Savi Crew!

Third week of Camp Nano and at of the point of this blog post, I’ve completed 21 hours (more specifically 19 chapters out of 27) in my YA anime-inspired fantasy WIP. I’m so relieved that I pledged hours instead of words because I highly doubt I would’ve been able to keep up daily word count while working full-time and having a 3-month old in the house. And it’s not that the baby demands my attention (after all, he’s my nephew—my role is to provide the occasional spoil lolz) but these are important milestones in his life so I feel somewhat guilty when I’m putting aside spending quality time with him to focus on my novel. Is there such a thing as “aunt guilt”? No? Not so much?

I’ve found that scheduling quality time gets him in a routine so I don’t feel as guilty when I’m editing and revising my WIP. Each night at ten p.m. is our time (and I better not forget it). Work has also picked up tremendously but I love my job and my team members so it’s a labour of love. But trying to balance everything—ask any amateur juggler—at some point, the balls start to drop. And my Camp Nano WIP is said ball. Even though I’ve made decent progress, I haven’t been able to complete my hours for 3 consecutive days. Long story short, I have 10 days to get 19 hours of editing and revising done. I think I can do it. Only time will tell.

Last week, I highlighted eight of my awesome Authortuber cabin mates (out of a list of SEVENTEEN). If you missed that blog post, please feel free to check it out here. This week, I will feature the final nine members of my cabin but instead of following the same format as last week—where I said what I liked and why you should follow them—I will name my favourite video and what I learned about them since I’ve only gotten to know these particular members through this July’s Camp Nano. That way, I can give a fair assessment to each new member. Without further ado, here are the final nine (as always, links down below). Enjoy.


Awesome YT name: jlw reads | Cabin name: jlw writes
Favourite Jessica video: Huge Book Haul! | Book Outlet | 50+ Books
Jessica is a self-proclaimed book hoarder and she talks about the novels she’s read with such passion and fervour that it makes me wanna visit my local library and crack open a few paperbacks myself. Her many book hauls and wrap-up videos has me dying for a home library tour. No doubt an hour well spent.


Awesome YT name: Emily Bourne | Cabin name: queenemilicious
Favourite Emily video: Camp Nanowrimo Writing Tip: Write At A Desk
Emily is a self-proclaimed “lunatic writing a book” who offers sincere writing advice in manageable video snippets which—in my honest opinion—is how all tough subject matters should be administered. Her accent is an adorable bonus and so endearing that you barely notice you’re being reprimanded until the video is over.


Awesome YT name: Katie Wilson | Cabin name: Kitkatniss
Favourite Katie video: Top Ten Bookish Worlds I Never Want To Live In
A YA and Sci-Fi author, Katie loves her writing tags and top ten lists. She makes valid points regarding why she doesn’t wanna live in any of these fictional worlds and the list is mostly dystopian and fantasy aka The Hunger Games, Maze Runner, Divergent series, etc. Her deadpan delivery makes it hilarious and entertaining.


Awesome YT name: Peggy Spencer | Cabin name: PeggyCaAzTx81
Favourite Peggy video: Chit Chat Gone Crazy & What Revisions Are Like ~ A Comedy
An authortuber newbie and home-schooling mom, Peggy is a character waiting to happen—with her stylish glasses, chandelier earrings and matching turban. From the impromptu cameo by one of her children to Peggy incorrectly gazing at the viewfinder instead of directly in the camera which according to her, is “real life.” So true.


Awesome YT name: Evie Driver | Cabin name: EvieDriver
Favourite Evie video: Why I WON’T Quit My Day Job for Writing
Evie loves her corporate desk job, her team of co-workers and actually looks forward to going to work everyday. She vows she’ll never quit her 9-5 (ahem I meant, 6:30-3:30 lolz) even if she, quote, “makes it big” with her writing career. As someone who also loves their job and fellow team members, I can totally relate and agree 100%.


Awesome YT name: Somebody Nobody | Cabin name: Belleutifulboo
Favourite Belle video: Camp NaNoWriMo- Day at the Library
Belle is the youngest member in the group—my cabin mates will correct me if I’m wrong—but I adore her bubbly personality and how diverse her videos are (this one features her running through the library with her sister). She signifies the exact demographic I’m writing for and her videos provide rare insight into a preteen’s mind.


Awesome Blog name: The Wicked Sleep | Cabin name: charlotteag_writer
Favourite Charlotte blog post: How to reconnect with yourself.
Charlotte offers great tips about building/rekindling one of the MOST important relationships you will ever have in life—yourself. Learning about her struggles with inner negative dialogue, critical and judgemental (occasionally self-deprecating), not to mention having perfectionist tendencies couldn’t have come at a better time.


Awesome YT name: JennaTheDarkOne | Cabin name: Jenna Streety
Favourite Jenna video: WRITER OFFICE TOUR | 2018
Another Sci-Fi and fantasy writer, Jenna will give it to you straight; how you to choose to take it is your business. She offers unique writing tips and her writer office space is freaking phenomenal (I mean, who has outdoor lights in their indoor office space). As someone lacking a dedicated writing space, I was certainly provided much inspiration.


Awesome YT name: Bedtime Bookworm | Cabin name: Bedtime Bookworm
Favourite Jade video: January 2018 Library | Haul
Jade is more Booktuber than Authortuber which I can appreciate—my reading schedule is painfully low—and her recommended suggestions vary from high fantasy, historical fiction to contemporary; something for everyone. Her cheery disposition and serene background (FYI glittery lights) makes you feel right at home—on YouTube.

Please check out their channels linked below:

jlw writes (jlw reads):
queenemilicious (Emily Bourne):
Kitkatniss (Katie Wilson):
PeggyCaAzTx81 (Peggy Spencer):
EvieDriver (Evie Driver):
Belleutifulboo (Somebody Nobody):
charlotteag_writer (The Wicked Sleep):
JennaTheDarkOne (Jenna Streety):
Bedtime Bookworm:

Thanks to all for attending my cabin mixer, I’m so excited to be able to shed light on these awesome individuals who have—in big or small ways—helped my writing career to be what it is today.

To any aspiring writer: find your tribe, writing group, etc. Writers are their worst critics. Support is key to moving forward, persevering and finding success. Anyways, I’m rambling again which means it’s time to sign off… Toodles for now.

And remember, no matter where you live, take a little time to enjoy the island life!
Happy Writing!

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3 thoughts on “Cabin Mixer II // Week 3 | July Camp Nano 2018

  1. Reblogged this on Busy Nurse Research and commented:
    This is the second of two blog posts profiling the Camp NaNoWriMo “Authortube Cabin.” While not quite 100% are YouTubers, all are bloggers/vloggers of some type. If you are looking for writers of fiction to follow (including SioSavi, the one writing up the profiles), this is a great place to start, along with the one I just reblogged.

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  2. Aunt guilt is totally a thing! I know I suffer from it. Perfect example: I missed my nephew’s birthday because I was off traveling with students. Now, he’s 4 and got to go to see trains for the day, so I doubt he noticed my absence, but I still felt (and still feel!) guilty over it! (This made me feel a bit better about also being scheduled to be away for his big sister’s birthday last weekend. At least they can’t say I’m playing favorites?)

    Congrats on your amazing progress despite having an adorable newborn wanting your attention! Finding that balance has to be even more of a struggle when you’re in the same home!

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    1. Oh thank God, “aunt guilt” is real!! I was worried for a second. But I just remind myself that he is part of the reason I’m pursuing my writing dream. Problem solved.


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