Pinterest Aesthetic Boards (And Why You Need Them)

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Okay, before I launch into some of my Pinterest aesthetic boards for my debut novel, Life of Gabby: The Drake Chronicles (or LOG1) as well as my current WIP, Keiji: Bloodlines, I should preface with this: This blog post is #notsponsored but I just love Pinterest so much, I had to dedicate this week’s blog to it and express how much it has helped inspire my novels.

Special shout-out to awesome Authortuber, Vivien Reis for giving me the idea to create Pinterest boards for my characters, settings, etc. It was life-changing, to say the least, and took my novel projects to a whole new level.

I am a visualist so the ability to see what my characters could potentially look like and where my envisioned settings can come alive, Pinterest allows me to collate all that information with a simple click of ‘Pin It’ and save everything in one place for easy retrieval. Today I will be showcasing two ways to create Pinterest aesthetic boards: Character and setting.

It should be noted that by no means are these the be-all-and-end-all of aesthetic boards. The beauty here is that persons can feel free to be as detailed or a concise as you need to be. The boards are meant to help stimulate creativity and make the aspiring novelist’s story come alive.

For the LOG Series character aesthetic board example, a middle grade fiction contemporary, I will be using my main character/main protagonist and primary narrator, Gabby Duncan. But first, a little backstory: Gabby is a bubbly 14 year old African American teenager who loves to talk about anything and everything. She is eager to spread her wings in her new high school, confess her long-time crush and get her first boyfriend.


Block 1 is Gabby’s profile picture and character reference, Skai Jackson. Gabby is known for her big eyes and voluminous curly hair which she has a love/hate relationship with.

Block 2 is a striped pink tee with the graphic, ‘Born To Shine’ on the front. Pink is Gabby’s favourite colour and the graphic represents her love of the spotlight and attracting people’s attention.

Block 3 is the Miami Paradise Mall (fictional setting in the LOG Series) with the words, “Life is too short to be wasting time being careful.” The mall is Gabby’s favourite place and the quote is her personal philosophy—she believes in seizing opportunities but unfortunately doesn’t stop to weigh her options beforehand.

Block 4 is an airbrushed pair of pink and blue Converse sneakers. Gabby’s favourite article of clothing—apart from a knitted beanie—is a pair of Converse sneakers. The airbrushing reflects Gabby’s creative side—she loves to design some of her own clothing.

The character aesthetic boards should reflect who your characters are; their likes, style, etc. Bottom-line, readers should get a sense of who your characters are based solely on the information on these boards.

For the Keiji Series setting aesthetic board example, a YA anime-inspired fantasy, I will be using my main setting, Ketsueki. But first, a little backstory: Ketsueki is a fictional island village in the northern Genkan nation, the equivalent of Japan. It is divided into eight distinct territories: north, south, east, west, southeast, southwest, northeast and northwest Ketsueki; where each different bloodline race has dominion over a particular earthly resource. There is epic swordplay, political intrigue and inborn magic. Therefore, I needed my setting to be grounded in reality (since there is already a lot going on in the story itself).

Ketsueki Aesthetic Board

Block 1 is mountainous territory where winters are long and every bloodline male is a shepherd. Their territory features some of the deadliest wildlife in all of Ketsueki.

Block 2 is forested territory where it’s dank and cold and the bloodline race is on the verge of extinction; driven to the dense forest to preserve their own lives. The words, “From blood we arose… From blood we depart.” This is a personal axiom of the Ketsueki citizens; bloodline is vital to their existence.

Block 3 is oceanic territory where it rains every other day and every bloodline male is either a fisherman or a monk. This bloodline is the most connected to their earthly resource.

Block 4 is volcanic territory where humidity abounds and volcanoes conceal more than just lava and ash. This bloodline is one of the strongest and most powerful. However, their aggressive nature and lack of ethics may be their Achilles’ heel.

There are four more territories but I just wanted to give a general sense of what an aesthetic board can entail. The setting aesthetic boards should reflect your setting; the types of terrain, the typical climate and weather, etc. Bottom-line, readers should get a sense of your setting based solely on the information on these boards.

So, get yourself a Pinterest account (that is, if you don’t already have one), click on that search bar and start bringing your story to life. You’re welcome.

Sorry for the extra-long post, Pinterest is such a time-sucker but so addictive! Anyways, I’m rambling again which means it’s time to sign off… Toodles for now.

And remember, no matter where you live, take a little time to enjoy the island life!
Happy Writing!

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