Why I Chose To Use My Real Name (Not a Typo!)

Waddup Savi Crew!

Okay, so I’ve changed my mind… *insert face palm here*

And before you come for me, internet, I know last week’s blog was all about why I chose to use a pen name for my novel career. Well, flash-forward exactly a week later and my mind’s been changed, a full one hundred and eighty degrees.

Life is so funny… not ha-ha funny but rather ironically funny. But I figure, if anything, this can be a cautionary tale for someone out there who is pondering whether or not to choose a pen name or rock with your own title. Lemme be your guinea pig, so to speak.

Hey, on the bright side, at least I haven’t published anything yet so apart from leaving some Savi Crew members slightly dazed and confused, it’s all good in the hood. But I digress, which is more of a stalling tactic than incessant babbling.

So, how did my grand revelation come about? I’m so glad you asked! Grab yourself a cup of coffee, herbal tea or your favourite hot beverage (heck, grab a cold one, if that’s what you prefer), take a comfy seat and let’s talk.

This whole debate on whether or not I would use a pen name all started the middle of last month when my CP (Critique Partner for the non-writerly Savi Crew members, I see you!) suggested that I should use my real name instead of my chosen pen name. I proceeded to explain to her the whole schpeel: people’s pronunciation issues, the fact that my entire brand is built around SioSavi, all my social media handles would have to be changed, etc.

Moreover, I was content to have Siobhan Saviola emblazoned all over books because Siobhan is my middle name and I felt that essentially it was still “me”. However, she disagreed—albeit politely—not in a pressuring way. Nevertheless, directly after our conversation ended I found myself thinking more and more about whether or not I was making the right decision to use a pen name.

After that, I binge-watched YouTube videos on the topic—side note: The Creative Penn has a great video weighing the pros and cons of choosing a pen name, please check it out, tell them I sent you—and the more videos I watched, the more conflicted I became. The biggest issue—that I thought there was no getting around it at the time—was the fact that I would have to change all my social media handles and author website to my real name. And that was a huge problem.

I’ve had my SioSavi nickname since I was fifteen and have built under that brand for the past two decades. Starting from scratch with my real name was social media suicide. At this point, I’m sure some tech-savvy people out there are probably scratching their heads thinking, “This girl is fussing about changing her social media handles and that’s so easy to rectify!” I don’t know, I’m guessing there’s a code for that. Or maybe not, I’m not a tech genius.

But I tried coming up with clever nicknames incorporating my real name and said I would deal with the headache of the social media following once I had figured that out. Well, that was all unnecessary stress on my part. All it took was a steam bath and my problems were solved.

Speaking of the bathroom, I gotta say, the bath is still my favourite place to brainstorm. It has gotten me out of many a jam whether it’s a plot hole that I can’t seem to unravel, weak character motivations or a scene that doesn’t feel right, thank God for baths! At any rate, the bathroom—once again—saved the day. I should really consider leaving a pen and notepad in there because I’m always scrambling to get my phone so I can voice record or memo my bright ideas before I forget them and they get washed down the drain with the soap bubbles.

My grand revelation? (Sorry, I’m kinda dramatic). I resolved to use my real name which would be on all my published novels, signed copies, bank account information, etc. while SioSavi remains my nickname which would allow me to leave my social media handles and author website as it currently is. Problem solved.

A further strengthen to my resolve came when my mind ran on a couple of YouTubers that I follow (Rayna a.k.a. happycurlhappygirl; Bri Hall a.k.a. Smartista; Breanna a.k.a. Mini Marley; Whitney a.k.a. Naptural85) who have nicknames that don’t necessary tie in with their real names. But through constant association, their fans have learned to link the two together. And yes, that was a bathroom revelation as well!

Essentially that is what I have chosen to do. Hopefully next week I won’t be singing a new tune, I can be a bit indecisive. Only time will tell, I guess.

Anyways, I’m rambling again which means it’s time to sign off… Toodles for now.

And remember, no matter where you live, take a little time to enjoy the island life!
Happy Writing!

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